Monday, 17 December 2018

Disneyland Paris 2018: Day Five

Friday was upon us and this was the day to check out of the hotel. So, although we had a lie in, we got up in plenty of time have our suitcases packed, get them to the concierge and to have breakfast with plenty of time to get to the park for general admission opening time. Again there was a queue to get into the parks but we didn’t mind so much.

Once in the park, we headed straight to Frontierland and joined the queue to meet Jack Skellington. It wouldn’t be a Halloween visit to Disneyland Paris without meeting the Pumpkin King himself. We were in the queue just over an hour by the time we reached the front. Jack wished us a happy Halloween and asked us if we’d dressed up for the party and if we got any scares from our costumes. He also said we had frightening names. I showed him my backpack which was covered in Nightmare Before Christmas pin badges; including Zero, Jack and Sally. There was also a pin of Phantom Manor on my bag, which we were meeting Jack in front of. We then posed for some photos.

After Jack, we went across to Discoveryland and got another fast pass for Hyperspace Mountain. As it was our last few hours in the park, we decided to do the things we loved. We had enough time between getting our fast pass tickets and our return time to watch the Cavalcades. We stood by Central Plaza so that we would be able to see the show stop for the first time. It was wonderful to sing and dance to Vive la Vie once again and see the brilliant dance number on Central Plaza.

The characters came back down from the Central Plaza stages and back to their position in the parade. Vive la Vie came back on and I was stood singing and dancing away. One of the parade performers noticed and came over to me, dancing and singing along with me, until the floats started moving again. As the parade ended, we followed it down Main Street and found our seats for the second cavalcade of the day. We sat by the Main Street gates ready for the parade to start. It was nice to see our final Halloween cavalcade in the glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. We got some very good photos from this parade too.

Once the parade had passed us, we walked through the arcade on our way to Hyperspace Mountain to use our fast pass. Again, I really enjoyed the ride and would have happily gone on it again, had we had time. However, it was time to grab some food and then start winding down to our journey home. We were originally going to get a sandwich from Market Street Deli, however the queue was a mile long. So, we decided to pop to Earl of Sandwich in the Disney Village. The queue was still quite long but they got through us all really quick and before we knew it, we had our sandwiches. I got the veggie delight without the cheese and sauce.

We had another look around the Disney Village shops, before heading to the train station and Disney Express to get our luggage. Sadly, at the Paris end, the organisation and space to queue is very poor. Our Eurostar was meant to leave at 5:15pm, however due to not opening the gates until 4pm and then having to check everyone in and do security checks. Our Eurostar left Paris 30 minutes delayed. We also had the most irritating girl sat behind us who constantly complained about feeling ill or how busy the parks were and how much she had to queue. At the finish I had to put my headphones in to drown out her constant negativity and complaining.

We got back into London about 7:30pm. We grabbed some food from Marks and Spencer and then patiently waited for our platform to be called. 8:30pm we were on our train back to Leeds and back home to reality.

I had had the best holiday in Disneyland Paris and it helped me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I came home feeling positive and fresh and like I could tackle everything that would come my way. It gave my brain a much needed restart and boost and gave me the most happiness I had felt in about half a year.

Disneyland Paris is my home and I can’t wait to get back there in 2019.

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