Thursday, 13 December 2018

Disneyland Paris 2018: Day Four

Day four was upon us and after the soiree the night before, we had decided to have a bit of a lie in. We’d done everything we’d wanted to in Extra Magic Time the two mornings before. So, after our lie in, we did our usual and got up, got ready, had breakfast and then headed to the park for regular opening hours. There was a bit of a queue to get into the park but we didn’t mind too much.

We took a slow walk through Main Street and headed through the castle to Fantasyland, taking a quick pit stop in the Christmas shop to see what they had to offer this year. From there we headed towards the tea cups and jointed the rather small queue for the Cheshire Cat. The queue of course became super long shortly after we joined, so we made good time. At 11am, Cheshire Cat came out and we were only third in the queue. When it was our turn, the Cast Member was happy to take the camera and get some shots of us with our favourite Wonderland resident. Cheshire Cat moved me and my mam to where he wanted us, after hugs of course, and asked us to cross our arms and point in both directions. As it’s been a while since I’d seen Alice in Wonderland, I completely forgot that this meant ‘this way or that way’, like they say in Wonderland. Which way shall we go? This was a cute meet and greet which my mam had been looking forward too all trip.

After we had met Cheshire Cat, we decided to go and watch the Disney Villains show at the Castle Stage. I’d seen this show two years previous and loved it. I was hoping to be able to meet Maleficent Donald this year, but sadly it didn’t happen. Fingers crossed for next year. It’s Good To Be Bad was just as good as I remember and I’m glad the rain held off long enough so my mam could see it.

After the show ended, we made our way across to Walt Disney Studios. Our first top was getting my mam a fastpass for the Tower of Terror; a ride I refuse to go back on. The wait between getting the fastpass and the time to return wasn’t too long so we headed round to Rock n Roller Coaster to get fastpasses for that. However, times overlapped so I said I would return when my mam was on the Tower. Instead, we decided to go on Armageddon just to remind ourselves of how rubbish and outdated it was. We were not proved wrong on any point. That ride really does need updating. Once we came off that attraction, it was time for my mam to go on the Tower. So I walked with her to the entrance and watched her go in the fastpass entrance, before having a quick wander down to Crush’s Coaster to see what the wait time for that was. There wasn’t anything on the board so I think it had temporarily broken down. By this point it was chucking it down with rain, so I walked as quickly and carefully as I could, back to Rock n Roller coaster and got us our fast pass. I then returned to the Tower of Terror shop and waited for my mam to come off.

After we’d got her photopass photo, we headed round to Rock n Roller to use our fastpass for there. It had been over ten years since I was last on this ride as it had been closed on a couple of trips and last year we were both too ill for rollercoasters. I love Aerosmith and although the ride is now super janky and a bit outdated, I still love it and was glad to get on it again.

After Rock n Roller Coaster, we stopped by Restaurant Coulisse to get some late lunch. I again found it really easy to order my burger without cheese and sauce which I was happy about. It’s always a worry going abroad when you’re vegan but I didn’t find it too difficult in Disneyland Paris, thank the Disney Gods. After food, we made our way back to the Disneyland Park, heading straight for Discoveryland. We got a fastpass for Hyperspace Mountain and one for Star Tours. Yes, Star Tours again. We didn’t have too long to wait for our Hyperspace fastpass time so we just hung about Discoveryland till it was time. I even got a photograph in front of the Discoveryland cupcake.

When it came to Hyperspace Mountain, I was dubious. I loved Space Mountain and I felt like Star Wars was taking over everything. Even though I love Star Wars, it was just how I felt. However, this ride completely took my breath away. The new trains are beautiful looking, although the over the head safety bars are very tight and squish you a bit but you’re not on the ride too long for it to really affect you. The Star Wars music and all of the projections of ships and fighters are amazing. I came off the ride having loved every second of it and even happily said I preferred it to Mission 2. I also love that for the photopass photos, they cover strangers in your photo with pilots.

From Hyperspace Mountain, it was time for our Star Tours fast pass. So, we walked through Discoveryland and through the fast pass entrance. You’re not in the queue long at all before you are shown to your space ship. This time, instead of being stopped by Kylo Ren, we were stopped by Darth Vadar and went to planets from the three original movies and episode 1. It was nice to see what I think is the original Star Tours as opposed to The Adventure Continues. I like both versions but it’s nice for a change every now and again, you know?

When we came off Star Tours, we headed back to Main Street to catch our final parade of the holiday. We didn’t have the best of view as we got there late however it doesn’t matter. All that mattered to us was seeing the floats and dancing to the music, which we did. I really enjoy Stars on Parade as a Disney parade and I love the song that goes with it.

As we’d done for the past couple of days, following the parade we went to Casey’s and got ourselves a hot drink and a seat to sit on. We had a chat and decided to try for Pirates of the Caribbean again as it meant we were inside away from the rain and we get to sit down for a little bit. We also love the ride which is a plus. As this was our final full day in the park, we decided to stay and watch Illuminations; the first time of the holiday. Until that point, we walked around the park, went into different shops to see if there was anything else we fancied buying and generally just filled our time. One of the things we decided to do was have a drink in Café Fantasia; the bar in the Disneyland Hotel. This was something we had never done before so it was something to tick off our list. The prices were far more expensive than in our hotel, but we did expect that. My mam had a cocktail and I had a bottle of cider. I do like Café Fantasia, it’s very posh and beautifully decorated. I love the photos of Walt and the fact the wallpaper is a music sheet design. As are the curtains.

We finished our drinks and then headed back to Casey’s corner, where we got ourselves another hot drink and found a seat outside with a decent enough view of the castle. That was, until some highly disrespectful guests decided to stand on the grass flower bed right in front of us, with security doing absolutely nothing to move them. Not only is this disrespectful to other gusts trying to watch the show but its highly disrespectful of Disney property. So, out of frustration and lack of any view what so ever, we walked down Main Street and headed to the bus stop. Once back at the hotel, we went to the Red Garter Saloon and tried some of the hotel cocktails.

We went back to the hotel room and decided again that we could have a lie in. We’d done everything that we wanted that is open during Extra Magic Time and we had met all the characters that are out during that time too.

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