Thursday, 6 December 2018

Disneyland Paris 2018: Day Three

Day three started the same way as day two in that our alarms went off at 6am, we got ready and headed down to breakfast. My breakfasts the whole week were pretty much the same food, the portion just got bigger the further on in the holiday we got. After breakfast, we got the bus to the parks. We had made a plan during breakfast of what we wanted to do that morning and so, once off the bus and into the park, we headed straight for the queue to meet Donald Duck.
For Halloween, Donald’s costume was a Devil, so we knew we had to meet him. We stood in the queue for an hour and a half, from half past 8 till about 10am, waiting to meet Donald. Luckily, the weather was dry, cold, but dry. As our third day in Disneyland Paris was Halloween, I was wearing my pumpkin top and a pumpkin necklace shaped like Mickey’s head. I should have known this would mean trouble when I did eventually meet Donald. He pulled my mam in for a hug, but instantly shoo’d me away, having noticed the necklace. He kept my mam in his hug as he kept shooing me further and further away, till I eventually hit the rope that cordoned off the meet and greet area. He posed for photos with my mam, allowing her to hold his devil’s trident. When I went in for a hug, Donald tried to run away. He was obviously not very happy that I was wearing something Mickey shaped and wanted to cause trouble. Eventually, he let me join for a photo with him. This meet and greet is definitely up there as one of my favourites.

After meeting Donald, we went back up to Town Square and joined the queue to meet Goofy at his candy machine. We weren’t in the queue very long before I was getting hugs off my favourite Goof. I always love meeting Goofy and getting the best of hugs from him. Goofy noticed my pumpkin top and pointed at it, excited that I was celebrating Halloween alongside with him.

Halloween was definitely our character meet and greet day. After Goofy, we went to Frontierland and I stood in the queue for Mickey and Minnie in their Dia de los Muertos outfits. Whilst I kept our place in the queue, my mam wandered about getting photographs of all the decorations scattered about. We also watched as crew members completed the stage for the Soiree which would be that evening. We were in the queue over an hour before getting to the front. As we moved forward to give our hugs, Mickey noticed that Minnie had a lipstick print on her cheek from the family before us. Mickey found this hilarious and was laughing against my mam’s shoulder. Minnie kept looking at me and pointing at the lipstick as the Cast Member wet a tissue with some water. She quickly wiped it off and we could finally get our hugs. This meet and greet was adorable. Minnie noticed my necklace and got excited that it was shaped like Mickey. She pointed it out and Mickey was just as excited. We then got our photos taken, were given some sweets by the Cast Member and got some final hugs before leaving the meet and greet.

Across from the Mikey and Minnie meet and greet, was he meet and greet for Jose and Panchito from the Three Caballeros. We joined the queue, which was very long, and noticed it was only Panchito that day. We didn’t mind, so stayed in the queue. I’m not sure if a lot of people, especially the younger ones, would know who Panchito was, but it was lovely to meet a character from the early days of Disney that wasn’t a regular in Disneyland Paris. The queue went down super quick and we got some awesome photos with Panchito Pistols.

After Panchito, it was time to have some dinner. First, we tried Bella Notte again, but the queue was absolutely horrendous. So, we walked through to Discoveryland and went to Café Hyperion in Videopolis. We got to have a nice sit down, fill ourselves up with food and watch some Star Wars cartoons; ones we would be sick of seeing by the end of the holiday. We had one more ride on Star Tours, simply waiting in what was about a twenty minute queue before heading to the Main Street station end of Main Street and getting a good position for Stars on Parade.
Before the parade, there was a little pre-parade for Mickey’s birthday with the family of the day. The song is far too catchy and was stuck in our heads for a good few hours afterwards. Even writing this blog post now means I’ve got the song in my head again. For the parade, I had my Tigger ears on ready, hoping to get Tiggers attention, however he disappeared magically from the parade. There’s photos of him on the parade leaving the Main Street gates but he never came round the corner. Strange. I did get a video of the parade and my mam got lots of photographs. The Frozen float was also stopped for quite a while in front of us so I got lots of waves from Olaf.
As soon as the parade passed us, it was time for us to leave the parks and head back to the hotel to get ready for the Halloween soiree that would begin later that night. This is going to be a separate blog post all on it’s own as I think it deserves one!

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