Monday, 10 December 2018

Disneyland Paris 2018: Soiree

 We left the parks about 5:15 and headed back to our hotel to get ready. Just before the parade, I had asked at City Hall about some Halloween badges I had seen people wearing. They told me I should have gotten some when I checked into the Cheyenne. So, once we got back to the hotel, I went to the front desk and got us a badge each. My mam meanwhile was getting us a cider from the bar to drink whilst we got ready.

Once back at the room, I took off the make-up I’d had on in the park and prepped my face ready for the large amount of pale powder I was about to plaster onto my face. Once my make-up was all done and dusted, I back combed my hair and got changed into my costume. For this Soiree, I was a living dead pirate. I had toyed with the idea of doing a couple of scars on my face but in the end, I decided against it. I then had the challenge of doing make-up on my mam. I have never done make-up on anyone else, that I can recollect and honestly, it’s going to take a lot more practice before I can consider myself even somewhat decent at it. My mams costume was a vampire, and although her stick in fangs didn’t work out like how she’d wanted, we made her costume work.

Once we were ready, we got back onto a shuttle bus and headed back to the parks. This was about 7:30 so we had missed Illuminations, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. The queues to get back into the park weren’t as long as we expected. We had our wristbands checked a couple of times and used the entrance to the right of the main entrance under the Disney Hotel. We were ushered through the Town Square gates and got to see behind the scenes of the Disney park, on our way to Discoveryland. We walked through smoke and projections and everyone was chattering along with excitement.
Once into the park, we made our way to Main Street Central Plaza to get a good place for the Soiree Cavalcade. We found a spot just by the entrance to Discoveryland, which we later found out, was not a good spot. The Cast Members put up the ropes and everyone rushed to the front. So, for the first cavalcade of the evening, we didn’t have too good of a spot. It didn’t matter though as we knew we would have time before the next parade to get a good spot, so we made the most of the projections on the castle and the Halloween music. As soon as the parade crowd cleared, we headed to Market Street Deli, got ourselves a hot drink and waited for the next parade, whilst bopping our heads to the Halloween music that blasted through the speakers.

For the second and final cavalcade of the night, we stood just outside the Main Street Motor Company. This way we knew the parade would have to go past us. Having previously seen this parade two years ago, I knew roughly what to expect, however, there had been many changes to the parade itself.

Firstly, the Phantom Manor float was up first with Mickey, Donald, Minnie and the Triplets on board. Many of the dancers costumes had changed and also, with the 25th anniversary being last year, we had a lot more villains joining the parade this year. All in all, the updates to the parade were fantastic. I was stood at the curb, taking photographs, dancing along and even got an acknowledgement from Frollo himself. Since coming home, I’ve watched many videos of this parade as it is definitely up there as one of my all time favourites.

Here is a brilliant video from the Disney Goofballs that shows the parade in all it's glory.

After the parade had ended, we headed to Discoveryland to join the queue to meet Chewbacca. On the way, we saw dancers on stilts dressed in lights and much to our surprise, the DJ Buzz Lightyear they had advertised in the programme, was actually Buzz Lightyear, on the DJ decks, getting the crowd going. The atmosphere was incredible. 

We joined the queue for Chewbacca which wasn’t as long as we were expecting, and we were under cover so when it started to rain again, we weren’t affected. Chewbacca was very tall and very furry but gave the best of hugs. I’m sad R2D2 disappeared and didn’t reappear but overall, the meet was still wonderful. Although cold as I took off all my layers so the photo would show my costume.

After our meet with Chewbacca was all done and dusted, we decided to have a wander through to Frontierland. This land already looked incredibly beautiful whilst lit up, but further in, towards where the Chaparral Theatre had once stood, was a stage. On this stage, was Goofy in his Skeleton outfit and Max in a gold suit, DJ’ing for his Skeletoon Party. Seeing Goofy and Max do the Macarena dance was not something I ever envisioned myself needing to see in life, but honestly, my life was made that night. Also, we couldn’t get over the bubble machine. It sounds like a small thing to be obsessed with, but not only did the machine spew out regular bubbles, it spewed out bubbles that were made of smoke and when popped, made like a smoky explosion. They were incredibly cool and honestly, I want a machine for my house that does that. We had a bit of a dance to music we didn’t really know, before deciding to have a wander elsewhere.

Our next stop was Adventureland. Skull Rock was all lit up with fires inside of the eyes and an occasional flash of light. Were the pirates setting off cannons? We decided to see how long the queue was for Pirates of the Caribbean and started to make our way there. With it being Halloween, if anyone was dressed up you didn’t bat an eyelid. That was until a Cast Member, dressed as a pirate, walked past a group of us and screamed, making us all jump and then laugh at the fact we’d gotten such a fright. Sadly, the queue for Pirates was monstrous, so we continued walking and headed into Fantasyland.

We decided to look for some rides that didn’t have huge queues and so, we chose the teacups. Such a gentile ride for a dead pirate and a vampire to be on but we enjoyed it none the less. Whilst in the queue, we saw the meet and greet for Edgar from The Aristocats; the crowd he was gathering was not very big at all. I do like the teacups as a ride. Although it’s not a thrill ride, sometimes it’s just nice to sit and take in the views and realise where you are.

It was getting closer to midnight at this point and we were both getting rather tired, so again, we chose another gentile ride to go on. This time, it was the turn of It’s A Small World; one of our favourite attractions. As Phantom Manor was closed for renovations this year, we had to choose a different type of scary for midnight; dolls. Once we’d been around the world once again, we decided to have a slow walk back through Discoveryland and Main Street and head back to the hotel.
As it was past midnight by this point, there was no shuttle bus back to the hotel so we had to walk through the Disney Village and back to the Cheyenne that way. The Village was full of French police and members of the French army were stood outside in the area between the village and the train station. Once we got back to the hotel, we took of our costumes and make-up and settled into bed, knowing we had chosen to have a lie in and miss Extra Magic Time. Luckily we’d done everything we’d wanted to in the last couple of days.

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