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Why You Should Try Vegan This January

Happy Christmas Eve everyone. How fast has this year gone by? One minute it was January and I was saying 2018 was going to be my year, then everything went severely downhill and it's already Christmas again. How did that happen?

Anyway, I'm here to talk to you all today about something very close to my heart and a cause I think everyone should take note of. This is of course, Veganuary. In January of this year, I took the pledge to go vegan. I had been vegetarian for two years and it seemed like the logical next step. I had already swapped out milk and butter for alternatives anyway. 

What is Veganuary? Well, throughout January, you pledge to abstain from eating any animal products. This includes meat, fish, dairy including milk and cheese and eggs. It also stretches to products such as gelatine, lanolin (vitamin D) and whey, to name a few. The amount of animal products in the food that we eat is so great, that it takes some time to learn everything that you have to avoid, however, veganism is a learning curve and, with the right support, very easy to achieve.

There are many reasons to go vegan but today I shall share my own. I originally went vegetarian after seeing videos from farms and slaughterhouses of how these animals are treated for our food. Humane slaughter is a myth and one of the biggest oxymorons out there. Slaughter is cruel and I no longer wanted to fund it. Over time, I started to educate myself more on the dairy and egg industries and I was sickened that the abuse and mistreatment of these animals went further than I had ever thought. I started to swap our cows milk for plant milk and dairy butter for dairy free butter. I was however still eating cheese and eggs because I had convinced myself they were not things I would be able to give up.

Fast forward to just before New Year 2018. It was December 30th 2017 and I made the decision there and then to try Veganuary. So, I went to their website (which you can find at the link here) and I signed up. What this website does, is once you sign up and say you are participating in Veganuary, it will send you emails on all 31 days with helpful hints, tips and facts to help you on your journey. You are never alone.  

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So, what else do you achieve or gain from going vegan? Well, there are lots of things. For starters, a vegan and more plant based diet can be a lot healthier for you. As long as you are getting all the minerals and nutrients your body needs, you can be an exceptionally healthy vegan. And don't worry about your protein levels. You'll be just fine. Honestly, read this and take a look at these:

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As well as saving the lives of sentient beings and being healthier for it, you are also helping the planet by leaving meat and dairy off your plate. Climate Change has been a big topic of conversation across the globe in the last couple of months. Beef and dairy in particular have been called the biggest contributor to climate change and that we should leave them out of our diets. Articles in The Guardian and The Independent discuss how animal agriculture has taken over from oil companies as the biggest contributors to climate change. Leading scientists and climate change experts have also said that we have only 12 years to try and reverse the effects we have already caused or the planet will face catastrophic irreversible damage. Again, The Guardian has done an article on this. 

So, if you are wanting to save the lives of billions of animals, lead a healthier lifestyle (if you choose to eat the healthy vegan alternatives and not just vegan junk food of course) and help save the planet for future generations, than veganism is your answer. 

Oh, you also save thousands of litres of water by going vegan, and we all need water right?

Throughout January I will be posting helpful blog posts in order to help anyone along their veganism journey of discovery. As well as my blog posts, you can find helpful vegan tips from Veganuary, Challenge 22, The Vegan Society and Viva to name but a few organisation.

Are you vegetarian and looking to try veganuary? Are you a meat-eater or dairy cosumer and you fancy a food related challenge this new year? Or are you vegan and wanting to spread the word with your vegan pals? Let me know in the comments down below.

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