Tuesday, 1 January 2019

5 Vegan Documentaries You Should Watch Now

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to Veganuary 2018. Today marks my one year veganniversary and I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Throughout January, I will be sharing blog posts to help anyone on their veganism journey, anyone starting their veganism journey or just some lovely reads for all of us wonderful humans who are already vegan.

If you are new to veganism, welcome and thank you. I thought, since it's the first of January and the first day of the new year, I'd share a simple yet effective method to cement the reason why you have decided to go vegan. As many of us will be hungover after bringing in the new year, this first blog post can be read from the comfort of your arm chair or bed and requires very little effort. Today, I'm going to share with you some documentaries on veganism and where you can find them!

1. Land of Hope and Glory - YouTube
Land of Hope and Glory is a short video on YouTube, created by Earthling Ed, a very well known animal activist. This video includes footage from UK farms and slaughterhouses and goes through each animal which is sacrificed for human consumption. It gives facts and figures and explains exactly how they're reared and what they are used for. It's quite an upsetting watch, bu definitely one that strengthens the realisation that you are going vegan for the animals.

2. Earthlings - YouTube
Earthlings is a documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix which you can find on YouTube. Joaquin has been vegan since birth as far as I am aware so he has a lot of knowledge on this subject. This documentary is a bit longer, at over an hour and a half long and covers everything from the food industry to circuses and everything in between that causes animals to suffer. This one shows animal suffering from across the globe and not just from UK farms and slaughterhouses, proving that animal abuse happens on a grand scale in every country. 

3. Cowspiracy - Netflix
Cowspiracy is a feature length documentary that looks at the environmental factors of the animal agriculture industry and what it is doing to our planet. It explains that animal agriculture is the leading cause of 'deforestation, water consumption and pollution,' [Cowpsiracy]. It is also 'responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transport industry and is a prime driver of rain forest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean dead zones and virtually every other environment ill' [Cowspiracy]. This documentary was created by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn who risked their freedom and their life to make this documentary.

4. What The Health - Netflix
What The Health is another documentary made by Kip Anderson. This one, which is a follow up to Cowspiracy, focuses on the pharmaceutical industry, agribusiness and processed animal food companies and aimed to find out why they hide the truth about what they are doing to human health in order to profit. Kip looks at ways in which chronic diseases can be prevented or even cured and why there is such a huge medical cover up. 

5. Dominion - YouTube
Dominion is the most recent out of these documentaries and was released this year. Dominion uncovers and shows the truth behind all aspects of the animal agriculture from the different uses for cows and chickens to which animals are used for clothing. Each segment is narrated by well known vegans including Joaquin Phoenix, Sia, Kat Von D and Rooney Mara. This documentary is two hours long and features a lot of harrowing and graphic footage of animal slaughter and mistreatment. Majority of this footage was filmed in Australia. 

Will you be watching these documentaries this January? Have you already seen them? Are there any other vegan documentaries you can recommend?

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