Monday, 7 January 2019

6 YouTubers Who Show Veganism Can Be Cheap

Is Veganism expensive? No. Not it is not. In the last few months, it has been a big trend for people to try and say that Veganism is a privilege and not everyone can afford it. This is just simply not true at all and quite frankly, in my own personal opinion, I feel like this is just another excuse for people to slam Veganism and to not try the lifestyle choice for themselves. If you are vegan and choose to shop the more expensive items, that is a choice and does not reflect on the entire vegan community.

So, I have come up with this idea to show how cheap and easy veganism can be.

The first post in what may very well become a series, is sharing six YouTubers who create cheap vegan recipes and cheap shopping hauls to help give you some inspiration. I use these YouTubers videos as my own inspiration as I love being able to be frugal and cook in bulk too.

1. Madeleine Olivia
Madeleine Olivia is one of the latest vegan YouTubers I have started watching. I actually discovered her through her minimalism videos. However, she has a lot of videos about eating vegan on a tight budget. I think this is because at one point she was a university student and so, needed to be very careful with her money. A lot of her videos show how to make meals that cost under £1 per portion and means you can bulk cook, freeze and eat at a later date. Below I've included one of her budget vegan videos but you can find all her other content here.

2. Cheap Lazy Vegan
When I first became vegan, Rose's channel was one of the first I discovered for cheap and easy meals. Although she lives in Canada, you can apply the same rules just in your own currency. As her channel name suggests, majority of her videos include budget meals that don't take a lot of effort to make. At one point, she was living in the UK and did the £2 a day meal challenge which shows that there is definitely the option for cheap vganism. I've put one of my favourite videos down below but you find all her other amazing content here.

3. Rae Likes Froot
I can't remember how I discovered Rae's channel but I am so glad I did. She does videos on what she eats in a day and shows items you can buy from each UK Supermarket. I've seen her do Sainsbury, Tesco and Asda on a budget to show that even in big supermarkets, you can buy vegan or accidentally vegan items whilst not wanting to spend a lot of money. She has a great sense of humour too which always helps! I've put one of her budget hauls below but you can find the rest of her content here

4. Caitlin Shoemaker
I've only just started watching Caitlin but some of her cheap and easy meals are things I was already making for myself. Especially at work, my meals are super lazy and easy to make. If they're full of the nutrients you need and are tasty, who cares how boring they may seem to other people, right? You can find all of Caitlins content here.

5. Rachel Ama
Okay I love YouTubers with amazing personalities and Rachel Ama is one of them. Her videos are fun and she shows you how to eat vegan from standard UK supermarkets, on a budget. She even breaks down the costs of each meal in the description just so you can see how cheap and cheerful eating vegan can be. You can find all of Rachel's wonderful content on her channel here.

6. Living the Life you Love
I found this channel whilst I was searching through many videos on cheap budget meals. Kay did the £1 a day challenge last year and in my opinion, aced it. She also does videos on being frugal and living more minimalist, which also helps if you're on a budget,. I've popped the first video to her £1 a day series down below but you can subscribe to her channel and see her other content here.

Do you have any cheap and cheerful vegan meals to share? I have a couple that I could share with you guys in follow up blog posts if you wanted?

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