Monday, 17 September 2018

Do You Need A Distraction?

Please note that this entire blog post carries a trigger warning. If reading about depression, self harm and topics that intertwine with this as well as bad mental health on a whole, then please read no further. Take care of yourself first and foremost <3

When it comes to bad mental health, everyone copes in many different ways. One way that people cope is by harming themselves. The momentary physical pain takes away the mental pain, even if only for a few seconds. As an individual who has battled this before, I knew that looking for things to distract yourself is rather important. Today, for Suicide Awareness month, I am going to write a post giving those who struggle, ways to distract themselves. Not all of them will work for everyone, however if I can help just one person, it will be worth it.

1.     Use the app Calm Harm.
2.     Draw on your arm with pen.
3.     Count backwards from fifty.
4.     Use an ice cube against your skin.
5.     Do some mindfulness colouring.
6.     Have a shower.
7.     Write about the urges that you are having.
8.     Brush your teeth.
9.     Squeeze something tight in the palm of your hand.
10. Tidy your room.
11.  Hug something that you love.
12. Read a book.
13.  Change your surroundings if possible.
14.  Have a good cry.
15.  Call or text a person that you trust.
16.  Wash the dishes.
17.  Wash your arms in your favourite body wash.
18.  Draw butterflies where you feel like harming yourself.
19.  Move around.
20.  Have a dance party to yourself and dance like no one is watching.
21.  Listen to some non-triggering music.
22.  Scream and yell.
23.  Put on fake tattoos in places you would normally harm yourself.
24.  Scribble on sheets of paper.
25.  Water any houseplants or plants in your garden.
26.  Tear up toilet paper.
27.  Throw socks against the wall.
28.  Watch your favourite television show.
29.  Paint your nails.
30.  Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle.
31.  Alphabetise your dvd’s.
32.  Talk to yourself and record it on your phone.
33.  Play a musical instrument.
34.  Complete something that you have recently been putting off.
35.  Make a cup of tea.
36.  Reorganise the clothing in your wardrobe.
37.  Count to 100.
38.  Make a list of all the good things in your life.
39.  Break sticks.
40.  Go for a run, jog or walk
41.  Stomp around in heavy shoes.
42.  Scribble on photographs of people in magazines.
43.  Do a jigsaw puzzle.
44.  Put on a face mask and pamper yourself.
45.  Play with and get cuddles off your pet.
46.  Watch funny YouTube videos.
47.  If you feel safe too, light a candle and watch the flame flicker.
48.  Read positive and uplifting quotes.
49.  Splash your face with cold water.
50.  Make a collage out of newspaper, magazine and catalogue cut outs.

I hope some of these alternatives from self harm can help distract you. You are beautiful and deserve all of the light and happiness. If you feel like you need help, please reach out to a friend, family, someone you trust or even a counsellor. They can help you through the dark times.


Monday, 10 September 2018

100 Positive Affirmations

September is Suicide Prevention Month. I know that when everything feels very dark, sometimes it's hard to see the light. Occasionally, when I'm feeling really bad and low, I read or listen to positive affirmations. Sometimes they don't work but there will always be one that allows something to click in my head. It is that one positive affirmation or positive quote that can sometimes flip my mood and give me that mall boost that I absolutely needed at that time.

Today, I shall share 100 positive affirmations for anyone who may need them.

1.       I believe in me
2.       I acknowledge my own self worth
3.       My confidence can soar
4.       I am not my mistakes
5.       I accept myself unconditionally
6.       I am proud of myself.
7.       I am proud of everything I have accomplished
8.       I am successful.
9.       I am centred, peaceful and grounded.
10.   I am in control of my happiness.
11.   I am prioritising my physical and mental health.
12.   I am a beautiful person
13.   I deserve love, compassion and empathy.
14.   I am enough.
15.   I will be kind to myself and those around me.
16.   I accept all parts of my physical and spiritual self.
17.   I am prepared for change.
18.   I will only allow healthy things in my life right now.
19.   I believe in the person I dream of becoming
20.   I choose to be happy.
21.   I trust in my ability to thrive and survive.
22.   I am worthy of love and respect.
23.   I choose to love myself.
24.   I honour my commitments to myself.
25.   I choose faith over fear.
26.   The sunrise fills me with energy and confidence.
27.   Today is a gift and I am blessed to be here.
28.   I am a strong, independent person.
29.   There is no wrong decision.
30.   I will not let anything outside of myself control me.
31.   I am now creating my life exactly as I want it.
32.   Positivity is a choice and I choose to be positive.
33.   I am free of worry.
34.   I am at peace with who I am.
35.   I matter.
36.   I see myself with kind eyes.
37.   Today will be a positive day.
38.   I can say no to others and yes to myself.
39.   What I give is what I receive.
40.   I choose not to take it personally.
41.   This too shall pass, and I can stand this.
42.   I am relaxed; I am calm.
43.   I’ve survived this before; I’ll survive now.
44.   I can solve any problems that face me.
45.   I have the power to stop this bad feeling.
46.   I am attracting positive energy into my body.
47.   I am in control of my thought and my life.
48.   I am creating a life that feels good on the inside.
49.   Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.
50.   Every breathe I take fills my soul with ease.
51.   However big the mountain, I can climb it.
52.   I am not afraid about what could go wrong, I am excited for what can go right.
53.   I am finding my own happiness.
54.   I will not worry about things I cannot control.
55.   I am different in my own beautiful way.
56.   I forgive everyone that has ever hurt me.
57.   I won’t sweat the small stuff.
58.   I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways yet.
59.   The greatest gift I can give myself is unconditional love.
60.   I can be changed by what happens to be but I refuse to be reduced by it.
61.   I am a great person.
62.   May the net few months be a period of magnificent transformation.
63.   I am pure beauty.
64.   There are no blocks I cannot overcome.
65.   I am courageous, and I will fight my fears.
66.   Life is filled with joy and beautiful moments.
67.   I am doing the best that I can.
68.   I deserve what I want because my wish is pure and I have the required qualities.
69.   I always follow through on my promises.
70.   I have a high self-esteem.
71.   Everything is happening for me and not to me.
72.   The universe has my best interest at heart.
73.   I can have anything I want in life.
74.   Energy and vibration doesn’t lie.
75.   My actions are intentional, and they bring me closer to my goals.
76.   I choose to see with love.
77.   Love will always shine brighter than fear.
78.   I am stronger than this challenge and this challenge is making me even stronger.
79.   I call all my power back to me now.
80.   If I keep going I won’t regret it.
81.   I face today with an open mind.
82.   Love and abundance surrounds me every day.
83.   I do not fear the fire; I am the fire.
84.   I have decided that I am good enough.
85.   I have the power to change my story.
86.   Positive thoughts, positive life.
87.   I inhale positive energy and exhale any fears.
88.   I trust the universe to surprise me with something wonderful.
89.   I will remain focused on my goals.
90.   Every cell in my body is divinely healthy.
91.   Stop trying to calm the storm, calm yourself, the storm will pass.
92.   I am ready for great things to happen in every area of my life.
93.   Today I expect positive and life-changing opportunities to come my way.
94.   I am being fearlessly and relentlessly true to myself.
95.   Self-care is how I will take my power back.
96.   Being calm is my super power.
97.   I live in a universe where anything is possible.
98.   I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and I lit that bitch up myself.
99.   I am open to an even better outcome than the one I desire.
100.                       When I feel good, I look good.

I hope any one of these positive affirmations can be the one to pull you out of the dark place and into the grey or white. I hope it can cheer some of you up and help you.

Monday, 3 September 2018

20 Ways I Deal With Dark Clouds

I have suffered badly with my mental health for the last six years. Some days I can be a fully functional adult who gets up, goes to work, deals with social situations and survives. Some days, I'm so consumed by a dark cloud that I don't have the motivation to get out of bed or do anything productive. On the days I feel low, I do occasionally try and partake in self care. 

Self care is important, no matter how low and useless we feel. We are the only people who can help ourselves and save ourselves from the dark cloud. So because in the dark times, we need to bring ourselves back up, I thought I would share some of the ways I deal with dark cloud days. 

1. Paint my nails.
Although occasionally I find this to be a tedious task sometimes the concentration it takes can be therapeutic. Usually, I will paint my nails black, however, sometimes I will switch it up a bit. They usually stay a dark colour but I may paint them dark green or blue or a purple colour.

2. Have a bath.
Usually, I'm not too keen on baths. They use a lot of water, they don't feel hot enough for long and I get bored quite easily. However sometimes a nice soak with lovely smelling bubble bath and a few candles can help me relax enough to stop feeling anxious. Baths really help me if I've been so anxious and so tense that my muscles have become tight and sore.

3. Binge watch television shows.
Subscribing to Netflix was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I enjoy binge watching television shows as I'm too impatient to wait weekly. I do have a habit of starting to binge watch one show, then starting another and forgetting about the first one for a while. I'm getting better at going back to television shows and finishing them off though.

4. Listen to metal music.
I like to listen to it loud. Loud enough that I can sing and not be heard. If the lyrics are something I can relate too, I turn it up even louder. If theres heavy riffs and screaming, that's even better. When I am feeling sad or low, I can't listen to sad music or it makes me feel worse. So, loud and angry music is the way to go for me.

5. Light candles/incense.
I've always loved candles and incense. They relax me and I love the smell that slowly makes it's way through the room. I also love the smell when a candles flame goes out. I like watching the flame flicker and dance.

6. Read inspirational quotes.
Sometimes it is a persons words that can pick you up when you're feeling down. If I start to falter, googling phrases such as 'you can do this' or 'you can beat this' or even as simple as positive quotes, really helps me get through the darker times.

7. Play video games.
I adore gaming. I don't feel like I get a lot of time to do it at the moment but I do love it. I currently own a PS3 and although I'm a console behind, I still love my console. Sometimes my concentration levels means I can't binge play one game totally so I just switch between my favourite ones. Two of my favourite gaming series' are the Batman games and Assassins Creed. Sometimes big ope worlds where you can travel where you want to are therapeutic as you can just explore and not deal with too much.

8. Listen to Disney music.
I don't care how un-goth this is but Disney music has always made me happy. I can sing as loud as I want as it's guarantee'd I know all the words. I can dance to it like no one is watching. Majority of Disney songs are happy and cheery and if I need cheering up, I just avoid the sad or emotional songs.

9. Do my skin care routine.
Skin care is another self care routine I like to try and keep up with. I suffer from hormone spots which aren't affected by a skin care routine however, if I don't keep up with it, I get spots in other areas. Not as often as I used to now I no longer eat meat and dairy but I still get the odd few. Especially if I'm run down, stressed, not eating healthy enough or drinking enough water.

10. Brush my hair.
I have always had an obsession with brushing my hair. It always feels fresh and new when it's been brushed. It feels nice to have no knots and for my hair to feel fresh. Also, brushing your hair is a huge step of self care and sometimes, this is the most we have the energy to do. Which is okay. 

11. Tidy my desk.
Since moving house, I now have a desk. It's where I sort out my paperwork and other boring adult aspects of my life and it's also where I write my blog posts. I like to keep it as clean and tidy as I possible can as I cannot work in a messy or dirty area. I like it to be minimal and spacious but with everything I need surrounding me If I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I'll spend a small amount of time organising my desk.

12. Draw or paint.
I occasionally get the urge to draw and paint. It always looks better in my head than on paper but when I take my time, I find it relaxing. I usually end up with something I like and if I don't, well it's a learning curve. You don't become amazing at art and painting over night. It takes practice. I know that eventually I will find my own artistic style.

13. Watch YouTube videos,
YouTube is sometimes my saviour when I am feeling down. I can watch YouTubers that make me laugh, I can watch creators who talk about self care and I can listen to ASMR when I'm anxious. There are millions of videos and probably the same amount of content creators to explore. It's an open world of self help and people just like you.

14. Moisturise.
This partly fits in with the skin care routine however this time I'm referring to my whole body. If I've had a shower or a bath and I've shaved my legs I like to moisturise my skin as sometimes, these other self care actions can make your skin dry or sensitive. You need to take care of your entire body.

15. Read my horoscope.
This one isn't a long term way to break my black cloud but sometimes a quick check of my horoscope ca help slightly. I know some people believe that horoscopes are generic and people make them relevant to their life. This may be true but I like to believe in the stars. I don't revolve my entire life around my horoscope, but sometimes they're an interesting read.

16. Drink chamomile tea. 
I've started doing this before bed in order to help me sleep. My sleep has been broken for many years so I am sort of used to it, however, that doesn't make it any less exhausting. So at this point I was willing to try anything to help shut my brain down. Tea always makes me feel relaxed but this one helps me relax even further before bed.

17. Relaxing Music
There are hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube where content creators have uploaded hour long videos of music. From fairy music to creepy haunted forest music. Recently, I've listened to several of these videos and they make me feel so happy, especially the medieval or Celtic style music. I feel a closeness to that type of music and it makes me feel really safe and de-stressed.

18. Colouring Books
I used to love colouring books when I was a child. I got them for Christmas and birthdays and I could never wait to start colouring in the images. As an adult, I've found it has become a popular way to help de-stress from out very stressful capitalist lifestyles. I didn't buy into it at first, however after a visit to hospital following a series of chest pains that were deducted to be down to stress, I was willing to give anything a go. Now I have a couple of books and a pack of felt tip pens. If I start to feel a bit stressed, I will stick on some relaxing music or a YouTuber I love and sit on my bed and colour in the pretty patterns.

19. Put on Pyjamas
Okay, this one may seem simple but I always feel incredibly comfortable in a new or fresh pair of pyjamas. If you add to that clean bedding then it is mental health heaven. Everything feels clean and new and fresh which makes you feel a lot safer and clear. Sometimes the simplest of self care options are the ones that can make you feel so at ease.

20. Watch Dog Videos
So, I don't think it'll be any surprise that videos of animals make me happy. I love videos of adorable puppies doing adorable or silly things. I love how innocent they are in everything they do and it makes me happy cry.

This list is some of the things I do if I'm having a really dark day. I don't do all of these in one go, I will choose which one I feel will help me at the time. These may not help everyone but if even one of the items on this list helps someone feel better during their dark periods, I will be happy!

What are some of your ways to help you with the darker moments? If you feel comfortable doing so, please leave them in the comments. Let's help each other!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Why I Went Vegan

Veganism is not something I have spoken about on my blog before. I'm not sure why, I just think I had so many other ideas flowing around my mind that Veganism took a bit of a back seat. However, today I thought I would share my story about why I became a vegan. This is a long story time blog so grab your soy latte's and get comfortable for some lovely Amy rambling.

So, the start of my journey began in February 2016. I was unable to sleep as my insomnia was acting up again. I was watching videos on YouTube by a creator known as Laura Lejeune about mental health. In the suggestions bar was a video about why you should go vegan. In my tired and hazy state I clicked on it and was disgusted by what I saw. Unfortunately Laura is removed all videos from her YouTube channels, but, just in case she returns, you can find her main channel here and her vegan channel here. Unfortunately at the time, it didn't convince me to go fully vegan, however, I did stop eating meat over night, much to the confusion of my then partner.

As I had only just introduced fish into my diet, I decided I would continue to eat fish. I look back on this decision now and think, why did I do that? However, this didn't last long thanks to a trip to Whitby. Me and my then partner went to one of the most well known fish and chip shops in Yorkshire. I remember staring at this fish on my plate and thinking to myself, wow, I am a massive hypocrite. I ate my chips and left the fish because I knew I couldn't continue to eat living creatures.

I slowly started to try dairy alternatives with regards to my milk and my butter. This began after I joined a few Vegan groups on facebook in the hopes of finding meal ideas. I found more than that but I feel that is a discussion for another blog post. I made a good few friends through some of the groups who gradually encouraged me to swap out more items. Eventually, the only animal products I was having was eggs and cheese. I had swapped out milk for plant alternatives and swapped out my butter for vitalite. I wasn't checking labels for milk either.

Let's roll forward to the 31st of December 2017. I was reading up on Veganuary and thought to myself, it's a new year, it's time for a new me. My friends encouraged me so, I signed up to Veganuary on their website. This meant I would I would get their regular emails. I then set about preparing myself for starting off 2018. It's now August and I am still Vegan. 

So, what was the reason I went Vegan and why have I continued this lifestyle. I went Vegan because I realised that only cutting out meat was not enough. The animals in the dairy and egg industries suffer just as much, if not more then animals in the meat industry. I can go into full details in a follow up blog post, however, the way we treat these sentient creatures so that we can have five minutes of satisfaction is disgusting and inhumane. I didn't want to partake in this any more. The more I have researched Veganism the more and more I am glad I switched to this lifestyle. 

Veganism is also better for the environment as the majority of greenhouse gases are produced in the animal agriculture industry. Vegans are less likely to suffer from heart disease, high cholesterol amongst other lifr threatening diseases. Meat is a class 1 carcinogen which is linked to causes of cancer. I can write a whole other blog post on the benefits of a Vegan lifestyle if this something people are interested in. Although, I may do it anyway as promoting Veganism is something I enjoy.

Are you vegan? Have you been looking at switching to veganism?

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Goth Tag

I'm not entirely sure why this wasn't one of the first posts I made as it's been on my to-write list since I created this blog. So, today, I bring you the Goth tag and fully immerse myself in the world of Goth. I had seen a few of my favourite YouTubers do this and I knew I needed to do, just in a different medium.

1. How long have you been Goth?
My original Goth phase (I hate using that term) was when I was about 13 years old. I dyed my hair black and started wearing a lot of black clothes and accessories. As I got older, I was desperate to fit in, especially as I went through high school. I started following trends and trying my best to be 'normal'. During university again, I flitted between Gothic, Grunge and occasionally pastel and kawaii. Once I left uni and started to become way more comfortable, I realised that the Goth fashion spoke to me more than any other clothing style. I owned a lot of black anyway and everything I seemingly liked was black. It had called me back and that's where I stay. 

2. How were you introduced to Goth?
Embarrassingly enough, I first realised what Goth could be through the music video for Tainted Love. As mentioned in my Teen Gothic Influences post, the Goth girl in this music video is what made me realise that's how I wanted to be when I was older.

3. What Gothic sub genre would you put yourself in?
I think I'd put myself into Nu-Goth just because I mix up a lot of styles. I love aspects of Trad Goth, as well as Victorian and J-Goth (Gothic Lolita). I am also a fan of Gothabilly as I really enjoy vintage and retro fashions. I don't like boxes though so I try and merge as many styles into my wardrobe as possible as then they fit my different moods.

4. What do you believe to be the basis of the Gothic subculture?
The post-punk movement and the music that followed is where the basis of the Gothic subculture began. Fashion then became a large part of of the movement with those in it creating their own styles and clothing. I do think it's important that those within the subculture, no matter which branch, should know where the movement began. 

5. What do you dislike about being Goth?
There are a couple of thing I dislike. The first being the abuse that can come with being a part of the subculture. People see us as different and that is a threat. I have written a post on my own negative experiences with being a member of the alternative subculture which you can read here. I also wrote a post for World Goth Day where I explain the story of Sophie Lancaster, you can read that here.

Another thing I dislike about the Gothic subculture is the elitism that comes with it. Whether it's how you dress or what music you listen to, there will always be someone who tells you that it's not Goth enough or it's not Goth at all. Honestly, just let people identify as Goth and live their lives how they want. As long as they know about the history of the movement and where the roots are set, I don't see the problem.

6. What do your parents think of it?
My parents love it. They let me dye my hair black at 13 and offered to get me some black clothing and shoes so I could start living my best Goth life. Now I'm an adult, my mam still loves the fact I'm Goth and even told me that she loves the fact I've dyed my hair black again. They approve.

7. Eyebrows or no eyebrows?
For me personally, eyebrows because I am not good enough at make-up to be able to draw those on every single day. Although my eyebrows are an absolute nightmare to keep up with, I much prefer having the template there to just fill in with a black pencil. No eyebrows looks great on other people though!

8. What is your favourite band?
I love The Sisters of Mercy, I could listen to them all day. My favourite song by them is Dominion, especially when it flows straight into Mother Russia, which is the version I have on my iTunes. Also, thanks to Its Black Friday for including their music in her videos, I also adore Disjecta Membra. They're a Goth band from New Zealand and their sound is just fantastic. You can listen to one of my favourite song of theirs here.

9. How do you feel about Marilyn Manson?
I actually quite like Marilyn Manson and his music. He may be a bit of a trash human and done some horrendous things in the past (and present from what I have read) but I do enjoy his older music. The stuff I grew up with and the stuff that introduced me to what I thought was Goth music and Goth fashion. He was a stepping stone shall we say.

10. What were your baby bat days like?
2005 was the year. I couldn't do fancy make-up and only wore eyeliner under my bottom lid. I think my wardrobe consisted of baggy jeans and black t-shirts, a pair of converse and those black gummy bands we all used to wear. I also remember having a studded belt and lots of sweatbands. Not particularly what I would call Goth but it was the best I could do with the resources I had at the time. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't think I have any photographs of my baby bat days. I don't even think I'll apologise for that.

What are your answers to these questions? Do we have anything in common?

Monday, 13 August 2018

Strong Women Rolemodels

When I was younger, I loved television shows and films that had a strong female lead characters or strong female characters in general. These ideals were never pushed on me, I always just gravitated towards them. I think I knew I wanted to be strong like them and so, would continuously watch their television shows or movies.

Today, I'm going to share the strong female role models I loved growing up. I've previously done a post about women who rock, which you can read here.

Buffy Summers
'The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it. Be brave. Live' 

Buffy Summers will always be my number one. She saved the world three times at least. She sacrificed the love her life on one of these times. She was never lucky in love but didn't need to be as he always came out stronger. She was brave and she kicked ass on so many occasions I've lost count. She loved her friends and family fiercely. At 26 years old I still regret not learning martial arts and self defence so I could be exactly like Buffy Summers. Even to this day, I can watch an episode of Buffy and feel immediately uplifted. 

[pc: giphy]

The Halliwell Sisters
'We can still make good things happen ... we just need to make the right choices'

Okay, this is a cheat because there's three (well, four technically) of them. However, as the show says, the power of three will set us free. I loved everything about this show. I love fantasy and magic and this show was just perfect to me. As a young girl who would play make believe with her friends, I was always Prue, the sister who could astral project and move things with her mind. At first, the original sisters were my favourite.

[pc: tumblr]

However, after Shannon Doherty left the show and Rose McGowan joined, I slowly began to love Paige, the kick ass half whitelighter sister. All of the Halliwell sisters are strong and powerful women in their own right. All three of the original sisters dealt with the death of their Grandma, while Piper and Phoebe dealt with the death of Prue. They had relationship break ups, faced their fears, lost loved ones and saved the world on many an occasion.

[pc: giphy]

Xena Warrior Princess
'Causes are only lost when people give up.'

I adored this show when I was younger and it's one of the reasons I love Greek mythology to this day. Alongside Hercules, I watched this show religiously. Xena was always so kick ass, fighting off thugs and mythological creatures like it was nothing. She had a bad past but was managing to forge a better life for herself where instead of destroying others, she saved others. For me, bettering your life is always a good goal to have, even if as a small child I didn't realise it was a lesson I should carry into my adulthood. 

[pc: giphy]

Charlies Angels
' ... and that's kicking your ass!'

Okay, another cheat option. There seems to be a pattern with the women I looked up too when I was child; they all kick serious ass! I loved the first movie when I was a child and always looked up to Dylan, who, as we find out in Full Throttle, had a bad past and was trying to change her life for the best. I do think the sequel is slightly better then the first but both show wonderful character arcs for all three of the Angels. I love how no matter the upbringing, they're all Angels for different reasons. Oh and they always look amazing whilst kicking ass and that is one giant mood.


Willow Rosenberg
'And anyone who hurts her is someone I would murder, probably.'

Another character from the Buffyverse. Willow started off as the quiet and nerdy sidekick but soon grew into a kickass witch. She went through painful break-ups, deaths, blowing up her school, facing addiction, coming to terms with her sexuality and channelling the most powerful of magics in the universe. She's the bad-ass red head we all love.

[pc: gifer]

Poison Ivy
'They can bury me in the ground, as deep as they like, but I'll grow back. We always grow back.'

Okay, this may seem like a strange one as she is a cartoon and a villain, however, Pamela Isley was one strong woman. She was a Botanist with a PhD prior to the attempt on her life. Although she is considered an eco-terrorist, it usually transpired that she did the wrong things for all the right reasons. She totally kicks ass and completely shut down some pig-headed men who thought it was appropriate to wolf whistle and sexually harass her and Harley. She was a strong independent woman who looked after her friends and her plants. And let's not forget how she became a part of the LGBT+ movement by entering a canonical relationship with Harley Quinn. 

[pc: amino]

Maria Von Trapp
'You can't hide from your problems, you have to face them'

Okay, this one does not fit the physically strong and bad ass rolemodel I've previously mentioned. Growing up (and still to this day) I love Julie Andrews. One of my favourite roles of hers was Maria Von Trapp. Maria is a strong minded and strong willed woman who will not obey the rules set to her by Captain Von Trapp. She refuses to listen to a whistle, she teaches the children to sing and dance and eventually she manages to show that the Captain has not been the best of fathers to his children. Although she ends up marrying the Captain, as parents, they manage to stand up to the Nazi regime and protect the children at all costs, getting them out of Austria and ready to start a new life. Her strength through the entire movie is admirable.

[pc: gifer]

Who were some of your rolemodels whilst growing up?