Monday, 14 January 2019

5 Vegan Cookbooks To Help You

I think one of the things that worries people when going vegan is ... what will I cook? How do I cook vegan food? What will be different? Well, I can honestly say, nothing really changes cooking wise when it comes to being vegan, except of course, there no longer being any animal products. However, I do know it can seem a bit daunting when it comes to vegan cooking. So, as it's Veganuary, I thought I'd hare with you 5 Vegan cookbooks that can help you through the starting transition period into a vegan lifestyle. 

Although I don't use cookbooks, I know that they can be really helpful even if you only use them as inspiration and don't follow them to the letter. I haven't used these cookbooks myself but I have heard good things about them! This blog post is not sponsored or an ad or anything like that. Just sharing some books I think might be helpful to vegans both new and long term.

You may know Bosh as the people who share short recipe videos on Facebook and they get shared all the time to groups and between friends. Well ... they came out with a vegan cooking book. I've heard some really good reviews of this book and I know of people who have tried recipes from this book and absolutely loved it. So, why not give it a try this year? You can find the BOSH cookbook in your local Works Store (probably, I mean their stocking is weird sometimes) OR, you can find it online here.

2. Vegan 101
So, Vegan 101 is a vegan cookbook written by Gaz Oakley, a well known internet vegan. Also known as the Avant-Garde vegan on YouTube with a following of over 500k vegans and interested individuals. He released his cookbook last year and although I don't know anyone who has personally used this book, a cookbook written by a positive internet vegan can't be bad right? You can find Vegan 101 in your local Waterstones, or at their website here.

3. Dirty Vegan
Okay, I think I speak for a few people when I say I was completely shocked that one of the pain loving team members from Dirty Sanchez, released a vegan cookbook to go along with his new vegan cookery show. You were shocked right? I mean, I never stereotype people if I can help it, but I never in a million years thought I'd see a book of this kind released by Matt Pritchard. However, I really want to try this cookbook and watch his television show as I think it'll show a completely different side to veganism that a lot of people miss or don't think exists. You can find Dirty Vegan in Waterstones and on their website here.

4. Feed Me Vegan: For All Ocassions
Another vegan cookbook by another online vegan personality. Lucy Watson is known for being very vocal about animal rights and veganism and even went on This Morning in the UK to talk about it. I do love it when vegan and animal activists are given platforms to share veganism and promote it's many benefits. Again, this is a book I have not personally used and don't know of anyone who has used it but we gotta support out fellow vegan activists right? This is another vegan cookbook that can be found in Waterstones or online here.

5. The Hungry Student
Okay, I wasn't a vegan when I was a student but I do understand the need for quickness and ease all whilst remaining as healthy as possible. Whether you're a student or not, sometimes quick, easy and cheap is still the way to go. I wish I'd been vegan as a student and had been more educated on the food we eat, so for all of you vegan students out there, I salute you and appreciate you. This cookbook is for you and for everyone else who just wants to give easy veganism a go. You can find The Hungry Student in Waterstones and on their website here

Are there any vegan cookbooks that you have tried and want to share with everyone? Post the name of the book and a link to where to purchase the book down below. Of course, if you can find vegan cookbooks second hand, that is always a better option, however, supporting the need for more vegan cookbooks is also super important.

2019; the year of veganism!

Monday, 7 January 2019

6 YouTubers Who Show Veganism Can Be Cheap

Is Veganism expensive? No. Not it is not. In the last few months, it has been a big trend for people to try and say that Veganism is a privilege and not everyone can afford it. This is just simply not true at all and quite frankly, in my own personal opinion, I feel like this is just another excuse for people to slam Veganism and to not try the lifestyle choice for themselves. If you are vegan and choose to shop the more expensive items, that is a choice and does not reflect on the entire vegan community.

So, I have come up with this idea to show how cheap and easy veganism can be.

The first post in what may very well become a series, is sharing six YouTubers who create cheap vegan recipes and cheap shopping hauls to help give you some inspiration. I use these YouTubers videos as my own inspiration as I love being able to be frugal and cook in bulk too.

1. Madeleine Olivia
Madeleine Olivia is one of the latest vegan YouTubers I have started watching. I actually discovered her through her minimalism videos. However, she has a lot of videos about eating vegan on a tight budget. I think this is because at one point she was a university student and so, needed to be very careful with her money. A lot of her videos show how to make meals that cost under £1 per portion and means you can bulk cook, freeze and eat at a later date. Below I've included one of her budget vegan videos but you can find all her other content here.

2. Cheap Lazy Vegan
When I first became vegan, Rose's channel was one of the first I discovered for cheap and easy meals. Although she lives in Canada, you can apply the same rules just in your own currency. As her channel name suggests, majority of her videos include budget meals that don't take a lot of effort to make. At one point, she was living in the UK and did the £2 a day meal challenge which shows that there is definitely the option for cheap vganism. I've put one of my favourite videos down below but you find all her other amazing content here.

3. Rae Likes Froot
I can't remember how I discovered Rae's channel but I am so glad I did. She does videos on what she eats in a day and shows items you can buy from each UK Supermarket. I've seen her do Sainsbury, Tesco and Asda on a budget to show that even in big supermarkets, you can buy vegan or accidentally vegan items whilst not wanting to spend a lot of money. She has a great sense of humour too which always helps! I've put one of her budget hauls below but you can find the rest of her content here

4. Caitlin Shoemaker
I've only just started watching Caitlin but some of her cheap and easy meals are things I was already making for myself. Especially at work, my meals are super lazy and easy to make. If they're full of the nutrients you need and are tasty, who cares how boring they may seem to other people, right? You can find all of Caitlins content here.

5. Rachel Ama
Okay I love YouTubers with amazing personalities and Rachel Ama is one of them. Her videos are fun and she shows you how to eat vegan from standard UK supermarkets, on a budget. She even breaks down the costs of each meal in the description just so you can see how cheap and cheerful eating vegan can be. You can find all of Rachel's wonderful content on her channel here.

6. Living the Life you Love
I found this channel whilst I was searching through many videos on cheap budget meals. Kay did the £1 a day challenge last year and in my opinion, aced it. She also does videos on being frugal and living more minimalist, which also helps if you're on a budget,. I've popped the first video to her £1 a day series down below but you can subscribe to her channel and see her other content here.

Do you have any cheap and cheerful vegan meals to share? I have a couple that I could share with you guys in follow up blog posts if you wanted?

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

5 Vegan Documentaries You Should Watch Now

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to Veganuary 2018. Today marks my one year veganniversary and I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Throughout January, I will be sharing blog posts to help anyone on their veganism journey, anyone starting their veganism journey or just some lovely reads for all of us wonderful humans who are already vegan.

If you are new to veganism, welcome and thank you. I thought, since it's the first of January and the first day of the new year, I'd share a simple yet effective method to cement the reason why you have decided to go vegan. As many of us will be hungover after bringing in the new year, this first blog post can be read from the comfort of your arm chair or bed and requires very little effort. Today, I'm going to share with you some documentaries on veganism and where you can find them!

1. Land of Hope and Glory - YouTube
Land of Hope and Glory is a short video on YouTube, created by Earthling Ed, a very well known animal activist. This video includes footage from UK farms and slaughterhouses and goes through each animal which is sacrificed for human consumption. It gives facts and figures and explains exactly how they're reared and what they are used for. It's quite an upsetting watch, bu definitely one that strengthens the realisation that you are going vegan for the animals.

2. Earthlings - YouTube
Earthlings is a documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix which you can find on YouTube. Joaquin has been vegan since birth as far as I am aware so he has a lot of knowledge on this subject. This documentary is a bit longer, at over an hour and a half long and covers everything from the food industry to circuses and everything in between that causes animals to suffer. This one shows animal suffering from across the globe and not just from UK farms and slaughterhouses, proving that animal abuse happens on a grand scale in every country. 

3. Cowspiracy - Netflix
Cowspiracy is a feature length documentary that looks at the environmental factors of the animal agriculture industry and what it is doing to our planet. It explains that animal agriculture is the leading cause of 'deforestation, water consumption and pollution,' [Cowpsiracy]. It is also 'responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transport industry and is a prime driver of rain forest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean dead zones and virtually every other environment ill' [Cowspiracy]. This documentary was created by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn who risked their freedom and their life to make this documentary.

4. What The Health - Netflix
What The Health is another documentary made by Kip Anderson. This one, which is a follow up to Cowspiracy, focuses on the pharmaceutical industry, agribusiness and processed animal food companies and aimed to find out why they hide the truth about what they are doing to human health in order to profit. Kip looks at ways in which chronic diseases can be prevented or even cured and why there is such a huge medical cover up. 

5. Dominion - YouTube
Dominion is the most recent out of these documentaries and was released this year. Dominion uncovers and shows the truth behind all aspects of the animal agriculture from the different uses for cows and chickens to which animals are used for clothing. Each segment is narrated by well known vegans including Joaquin Phoenix, Sia, Kat Von D and Rooney Mara. This documentary is two hours long and features a lot of harrowing and graphic footage of animal slaughter and mistreatment. Majority of this footage was filmed in Australia. 

Will you be watching these documentaries this January? Have you already seen them? Are there any other vegan documentaries you can recommend?

Monday, 24 December 2018

Why You Should Try Vegan This January

Happy Christmas Eve everyone. How fast has this year gone by? One minute it was January and I was saying 2018 was going to be my year, then everything went severely downhill and it's already Christmas again. How did that happen?

Anyway, I'm here to talk to you all today about something very close to my heart and a cause I think everyone should take note of. This is of course, Veganuary. In January of this year, I took the pledge to go vegan. I had been vegetarian for two years and it seemed like the logical next step. I had already swapped out milk and butter for alternatives anyway. 

What is Veganuary? Well, throughout January, you pledge to abstain from eating any animal products. This includes meat, fish, dairy including milk and cheese and eggs. It also stretches to products such as gelatine, lanolin (vitamin D) and whey, to name a few. The amount of animal products in the food that we eat is so great, that it takes some time to learn everything that you have to avoid, however, veganism is a learning curve and, with the right support, very easy to achieve.

There are many reasons to go vegan but today I shall share my own. I originally went vegetarian after seeing videos from farms and slaughterhouses of how these animals are treated for our food. Humane slaughter is a myth and one of the biggest oxymorons out there. Slaughter is cruel and I no longer wanted to fund it. Over time, I started to educate myself more on the dairy and egg industries and I was sickened that the abuse and mistreatment of these animals went further than I had ever thought. I started to swap our cows milk for plant milk and dairy butter for dairy free butter. I was however still eating cheese and eggs because I had convinced myself they were not things I would be able to give up.

Fast forward to just before New Year 2018. It was December 30th 2017 and I made the decision there and then to try Veganuary. So, I went to their website (which you can find at the link here) and I signed up. What this website does, is once you sign up and say you are participating in Veganuary, it will send you emails on all 31 days with helpful hints, tips and facts to help you on your journey. You are never alone.  

[pc: Motionlab]

So, what else do you achieve or gain from going vegan? Well, there are lots of things. For starters, a vegan and more plant based diet can be a lot healthier for you. As long as you are getting all the minerals and nutrients your body needs, you can be an exceptionally healthy vegan. And don't worry about your protein levels. You'll be just fine. Honestly, read this and take a look at these:

[pc: Pinterest]

As well as saving the lives of sentient beings and being healthier for it, you are also helping the planet by leaving meat and dairy off your plate. Climate Change has been a big topic of conversation across the globe in the last couple of months. Beef and dairy in particular have been called the biggest contributor to climate change and that we should leave them out of our diets. Articles in The Guardian and The Independent discuss how animal agriculture has taken over from oil companies as the biggest contributors to climate change. Leading scientists and climate change experts have also said that we have only 12 years to try and reverse the effects we have already caused or the planet will face catastrophic irreversible damage. Again, The Guardian has done an article on this. 

So, if you are wanting to save the lives of billions of animals, lead a healthier lifestyle (if you choose to eat the healthy vegan alternatives and not just vegan junk food of course) and help save the planet for future generations, than veganism is your answer. 

Oh, you also save thousands of litres of water by going vegan, and we all need water right?

Throughout January I will be posting helpful blog posts in order to help anyone along their veganism journey of discovery. As well as my blog posts, you can find helpful vegan tips from Veganuary, Challenge 22, The Vegan Society and Viva to name but a few organisation.

Are you vegetarian and looking to try veganuary? Are you a meat-eater or dairy cosumer and you fancy a food related challenge this new year? Or are you vegan and wanting to spread the word with your vegan pals? Let me know in the comments down below.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Disneyland Paris 2018: Day Five

Friday was upon us and this was the day to check out of the hotel. So, although we had a lie in, we got up in plenty of time have our suitcases packed, get them to the concierge and to have breakfast with plenty of time to get to the park for general admission opening time. Again there was a queue to get into the parks but we didn’t mind so much.

Once in the park, we headed straight to Frontierland and joined the queue to meet Jack Skellington. It wouldn’t be a Halloween visit to Disneyland Paris without meeting the Pumpkin King himself. We were in the queue just over an hour by the time we reached the front. Jack wished us a happy Halloween and asked us if we’d dressed up for the party and if we got any scares from our costumes. He also said we had frightening names. I showed him my backpack which was covered in Nightmare Before Christmas pin badges; including Zero, Jack and Sally. There was also a pin of Phantom Manor on my bag, which we were meeting Jack in front of. We then posed for some photos.

After Jack, we went across to Discoveryland and got another fast pass for Hyperspace Mountain. As it was our last few hours in the park, we decided to do the things we loved. We had enough time between getting our fast pass tickets and our return time to watch the Cavalcades. We stood by Central Plaza so that we would be able to see the show stop for the first time. It was wonderful to sing and dance to Vive la Vie once again and see the brilliant dance number on Central Plaza.

The characters came back down from the Central Plaza stages and back to their position in the parade. Vive la Vie came back on and I was stood singing and dancing away. One of the parade performers noticed and came over to me, dancing and singing along with me, until the floats started moving again. As the parade ended, we followed it down Main Street and found our seats for the second cavalcade of the day. We sat by the Main Street gates ready for the parade to start. It was nice to see our final Halloween cavalcade in the glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. We got some very good photos from this parade too.

Once the parade had passed us, we walked through the arcade on our way to Hyperspace Mountain to use our fast pass. Again, I really enjoyed the ride and would have happily gone on it again, had we had time. However, it was time to grab some food and then start winding down to our journey home. We were originally going to get a sandwich from Market Street Deli, however the queue was a mile long. So, we decided to pop to Earl of Sandwich in the Disney Village. The queue was still quite long but they got through us all really quick and before we knew it, we had our sandwiches. I got the veggie delight without the cheese and sauce.

We had another look around the Disney Village shops, before heading to the train station and Disney Express to get our luggage. Sadly, at the Paris end, the organisation and space to queue is very poor. Our Eurostar was meant to leave at 5:15pm, however due to not opening the gates until 4pm and then having to check everyone in and do security checks. Our Eurostar left Paris 30 minutes delayed. We also had the most irritating girl sat behind us who constantly complained about feeling ill or how busy the parks were and how much she had to queue. At the finish I had to put my headphones in to drown out her constant negativity and complaining.

We got back into London about 7:30pm. We grabbed some food from Marks and Spencer and then patiently waited for our platform to be called. 8:30pm we were on our train back to Leeds and back home to reality.

I had had the best holiday in Disneyland Paris and it helped me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I came home feeling positive and fresh and like I could tackle everything that would come my way. It gave my brain a much needed restart and boost and gave me the most happiness I had felt in about half a year.

Disneyland Paris is my home and I can’t wait to get back there in 2019.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Disneyland Paris 2018: Day Four

Day four was upon us and after the soiree the night before, we had decided to have a bit of a lie in. We’d done everything we’d wanted to in Extra Magic Time the two mornings before. So, after our lie in, we did our usual and got up, got ready, had breakfast and then headed to the park for regular opening hours. There was a bit of a queue to get into the park but we didn’t mind too much.

We took a slow walk through Main Street and headed through the castle to Fantasyland, taking a quick pit stop in the Christmas shop to see what they had to offer this year. From there we headed towards the tea cups and jointed the rather small queue for the Cheshire Cat. The queue of course became super long shortly after we joined, so we made good time. At 11am, Cheshire Cat came out and we were only third in the queue. When it was our turn, the Cast Member was happy to take the camera and get some shots of us with our favourite Wonderland resident. Cheshire Cat moved me and my mam to where he wanted us, after hugs of course, and asked us to cross our arms and point in both directions. As it’s been a while since I’d seen Alice in Wonderland, I completely forgot that this meant ‘this way or that way’, like they say in Wonderland. Which way shall we go? This was a cute meet and greet which my mam had been looking forward too all trip.

After we had met Cheshire Cat, we decided to go and watch the Disney Villains show at the Castle Stage. I’d seen this show two years previous and loved it. I was hoping to be able to meet Maleficent Donald this year, but sadly it didn’t happen. Fingers crossed for next year. It’s Good To Be Bad was just as good as I remember and I’m glad the rain held off long enough so my mam could see it.

After the show ended, we made our way across to Walt Disney Studios. Our first top was getting my mam a fastpass for the Tower of Terror; a ride I refuse to go back on. The wait between getting the fastpass and the time to return wasn’t too long so we headed round to Rock n Roller Coaster to get fastpasses for that. However, times overlapped so I said I would return when my mam was on the Tower. Instead, we decided to go on Armageddon just to remind ourselves of how rubbish and outdated it was. We were not proved wrong on any point. That ride really does need updating. Once we came off that attraction, it was time for my mam to go on the Tower. So I walked with her to the entrance and watched her go in the fastpass entrance, before having a quick wander down to Crush’s Coaster to see what the wait time for that was. There wasn’t anything on the board so I think it had temporarily broken down. By this point it was chucking it down with rain, so I walked as quickly and carefully as I could, back to Rock n Roller coaster and got us our fast pass. I then returned to the Tower of Terror shop and waited for my mam to come off.

After we’d got her photopass photo, we headed round to Rock n Roller to use our fastpass for there. It had been over ten years since I was last on this ride as it had been closed on a couple of trips and last year we were both too ill for rollercoasters. I love Aerosmith and although the ride is now super janky and a bit outdated, I still love it and was glad to get on it again.

After Rock n Roller Coaster, we stopped by Restaurant Coulisse to get some late lunch. I again found it really easy to order my burger without cheese and sauce which I was happy about. It’s always a worry going abroad when you’re vegan but I didn’t find it too difficult in Disneyland Paris, thank the Disney Gods. After food, we made our way back to the Disneyland Park, heading straight for Discoveryland. We got a fastpass for Hyperspace Mountain and one for Star Tours. Yes, Star Tours again. We didn’t have too long to wait for our Hyperspace fastpass time so we just hung about Discoveryland till it was time. I even got a photograph in front of the Discoveryland cupcake.

When it came to Hyperspace Mountain, I was dubious. I loved Space Mountain and I felt like Star Wars was taking over everything. Even though I love Star Wars, it was just how I felt. However, this ride completely took my breath away. The new trains are beautiful looking, although the over the head safety bars are very tight and squish you a bit but you’re not on the ride too long for it to really affect you. The Star Wars music and all of the projections of ships and fighters are amazing. I came off the ride having loved every second of it and even happily said I preferred it to Mission 2. I also love that for the photopass photos, they cover strangers in your photo with pilots.

From Hyperspace Mountain, it was time for our Star Tours fast pass. So, we walked through Discoveryland and through the fast pass entrance. You’re not in the queue long at all before you are shown to your space ship. This time, instead of being stopped by Kylo Ren, we were stopped by Darth Vadar and went to planets from the three original movies and episode 1. It was nice to see what I think is the original Star Tours as opposed to The Adventure Continues. I like both versions but it’s nice for a change every now and again, you know?

When we came off Star Tours, we headed back to Main Street to catch our final parade of the holiday. We didn’t have the best of view as we got there late however it doesn’t matter. All that mattered to us was seeing the floats and dancing to the music, which we did. I really enjoy Stars on Parade as a Disney parade and I love the song that goes with it.

As we’d done for the past couple of days, following the parade we went to Casey’s and got ourselves a hot drink and a seat to sit on. We had a chat and decided to try for Pirates of the Caribbean again as it meant we were inside away from the rain and we get to sit down for a little bit. We also love the ride which is a plus. As this was our final full day in the park, we decided to stay and watch Illuminations; the first time of the holiday. Until that point, we walked around the park, went into different shops to see if there was anything else we fancied buying and generally just filled our time. One of the things we decided to do was have a drink in Café Fantasia; the bar in the Disneyland Hotel. This was something we had never done before so it was something to tick off our list. The prices were far more expensive than in our hotel, but we did expect that. My mam had a cocktail and I had a bottle of cider. I do like Café Fantasia, it’s very posh and beautifully decorated. I love the photos of Walt and the fact the wallpaper is a music sheet design. As are the curtains.

We finished our drinks and then headed back to Casey’s corner, where we got ourselves another hot drink and found a seat outside with a decent enough view of the castle. That was, until some highly disrespectful guests decided to stand on the grass flower bed right in front of us, with security doing absolutely nothing to move them. Not only is this disrespectful to other gusts trying to watch the show but its highly disrespectful of Disney property. So, out of frustration and lack of any view what so ever, we walked down Main Street and headed to the bus stop. Once back at the hotel, we went to the Red Garter Saloon and tried some of the hotel cocktails.

We went back to the hotel room and decided again that we could have a lie in. We’d done everything that we wanted that is open during Extra Magic Time and we had met all the characters that are out during that time too.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Disneyland Paris 2018: Soiree

 We left the parks about 5:15 and headed back to our hotel to get ready. Just before the parade, I had asked at City Hall about some Halloween badges I had seen people wearing. They told me I should have gotten some when I checked into the Cheyenne. So, once we got back to the hotel, I went to the front desk and got us a badge each. My mam meanwhile was getting us a cider from the bar to drink whilst we got ready.

Once back at the room, I took off the make-up I’d had on in the park and prepped my face ready for the large amount of pale powder I was about to plaster onto my face. Once my make-up was all done and dusted, I back combed my hair and got changed into my costume. For this Soiree, I was a living dead pirate. I had toyed with the idea of doing a couple of scars on my face but in the end, I decided against it. I then had the challenge of doing make-up on my mam. I have never done make-up on anyone else, that I can recollect and honestly, it’s going to take a lot more practice before I can consider myself even somewhat decent at it. My mams costume was a vampire, and although her stick in fangs didn’t work out like how she’d wanted, we made her costume work.

Once we were ready, we got back onto a shuttle bus and headed back to the parks. This was about 7:30 so we had missed Illuminations, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. The queues to get back into the park weren’t as long as we expected. We had our wristbands checked a couple of times and used the entrance to the right of the main entrance under the Disney Hotel. We were ushered through the Town Square gates and got to see behind the scenes of the Disney park, on our way to Discoveryland. We walked through smoke and projections and everyone was chattering along with excitement.
Once into the park, we made our way to Main Street Central Plaza to get a good place for the Soiree Cavalcade. We found a spot just by the entrance to Discoveryland, which we later found out, was not a good spot. The Cast Members put up the ropes and everyone rushed to the front. So, for the first cavalcade of the evening, we didn’t have too good of a spot. It didn’t matter though as we knew we would have time before the next parade to get a good spot, so we made the most of the projections on the castle and the Halloween music. As soon as the parade crowd cleared, we headed to Market Street Deli, got ourselves a hot drink and waited for the next parade, whilst bopping our heads to the Halloween music that blasted through the speakers.

For the second and final cavalcade of the night, we stood just outside the Main Street Motor Company. This way we knew the parade would have to go past us. Having previously seen this parade two years ago, I knew roughly what to expect, however, there had been many changes to the parade itself.

Firstly, the Phantom Manor float was up first with Mickey, Donald, Minnie and the Triplets on board. Many of the dancers costumes had changed and also, with the 25th anniversary being last year, we had a lot more villains joining the parade this year. All in all, the updates to the parade were fantastic. I was stood at the curb, taking photographs, dancing along and even got an acknowledgement from Frollo himself. Since coming home, I’ve watched many videos of this parade as it is definitely up there as one of my all time favourites.

Here is a brilliant video from the Disney Goofballs that shows the parade in all it's glory.

After the parade had ended, we headed to Discoveryland to join the queue to meet Chewbacca. On the way, we saw dancers on stilts dressed in lights and much to our surprise, the DJ Buzz Lightyear they had advertised in the programme, was actually Buzz Lightyear, on the DJ decks, getting the crowd going. The atmosphere was incredible. 

We joined the queue for Chewbacca which wasn’t as long as we were expecting, and we were under cover so when it started to rain again, we weren’t affected. Chewbacca was very tall and very furry but gave the best of hugs. I’m sad R2D2 disappeared and didn’t reappear but overall, the meet was still wonderful. Although cold as I took off all my layers so the photo would show my costume.

After our meet with Chewbacca was all done and dusted, we decided to have a wander through to Frontierland. This land already looked incredibly beautiful whilst lit up, but further in, towards where the Chaparral Theatre had once stood, was a stage. On this stage, was Goofy in his Skeleton outfit and Max in a gold suit, DJ’ing for his Skeletoon Party. Seeing Goofy and Max do the Macarena dance was not something I ever envisioned myself needing to see in life, but honestly, my life was made that night. Also, we couldn’t get over the bubble machine. It sounds like a small thing to be obsessed with, but not only did the machine spew out regular bubbles, it spewed out bubbles that were made of smoke and when popped, made like a smoky explosion. They were incredibly cool and honestly, I want a machine for my house that does that. We had a bit of a dance to music we didn’t really know, before deciding to have a wander elsewhere.

Our next stop was Adventureland. Skull Rock was all lit up with fires inside of the eyes and an occasional flash of light. Were the pirates setting off cannons? We decided to see how long the queue was for Pirates of the Caribbean and started to make our way there. With it being Halloween, if anyone was dressed up you didn’t bat an eyelid. That was until a Cast Member, dressed as a pirate, walked past a group of us and screamed, making us all jump and then laugh at the fact we’d gotten such a fright. Sadly, the queue for Pirates was monstrous, so we continued walking and headed into Fantasyland.

We decided to look for some rides that didn’t have huge queues and so, we chose the teacups. Such a gentile ride for a dead pirate and a vampire to be on but we enjoyed it none the less. Whilst in the queue, we saw the meet and greet for Edgar from The Aristocats; the crowd he was gathering was not very big at all. I do like the teacups as a ride. Although it’s not a thrill ride, sometimes it’s just nice to sit and take in the views and realise where you are.

It was getting closer to midnight at this point and we were both getting rather tired, so again, we chose another gentile ride to go on. This time, it was the turn of It’s A Small World; one of our favourite attractions. As Phantom Manor was closed for renovations this year, we had to choose a different type of scary for midnight; dolls. Once we’d been around the world once again, we decided to have a slow walk back through Discoveryland and Main Street and head back to the hotel.
As it was past midnight by this point, there was no shuttle bus back to the hotel so we had to walk through the Disney Village and back to the Cheyenne that way. The Village was full of French police and members of the French army were stood outside in the area between the village and the train station. Once we got back to the hotel, we took of our costumes and make-up and settled into bed, knowing we had chosen to have a lie in and miss Extra Magic Time. Luckily we’d done everything we’d wanted to in the last couple of days.